Frequently Asked Questions

What market segments does No Touch Easy Gloves target?

There are an unlimited number of applications for our gloves, with foodservice being the primary market segment. Whether a sandwich shop, bakery, restaurant, or grocery store, NTEG gloves are a perfect fit for single use application. Another emerging segment is the consumer market. Tasks like painting, gardening, general purpose cleaning are much more manageable with a lightweight pair of disposable gloves.

What kind of material is used to manufacture No Touch Easy Gloves?

Our gloves are made from polyethylene. Our unique formula produces a much stronger and a more durable glove than low-end competitive poly gloves that can easily tear in use with piece parts ending up on a plate of food.

What other types of disposable gloves are popular?

In addition to polyethylene gloves, other types include Vinyl, Nitrile and Latex. These types of gloves are difficult and time-consuming to put on and tend to stay on the hand for extreme lengths of time. Foodservice employees have difficulty justifying the effort needed to change gloves after each handling or preparation of food. For the person who prefers a tighter fitting glove around their hand, No Touch Easy Gloves can be worn over the tighter gloves thus enabling a more frequent change of gloves for safety, while retaining a tighter glove underneath. Additionally, between 10 and 20% of foodservice employees are allergic to Latex. These allergies can be very serious. For more information, visit the American Latex Allergy Association’s website at

What are the primary benefits of your gloves versus the cheap, low quality competitive gloves?

The NTEG gloves deliver 2 major benefits to the foodservice industry. #1 – a vastly more efficient and productive glove usage experience. A real problem in the industry is the average foodservice employee does not embrace glove usage or frequent changing of gloves because other disposable gloves take way too much time to don. Taking on average 15-20 seconds of fumbling through a box of gloves to get a pair on is reduced to as low as 1 second to put on a single or a pair of No Touch Easy Gloves. #2 – the unique, patented method of donning No Touch Easy Gloves also delivers a more hygienic and sanitary glove-wearing experience. Foodborne disease and cross contamination are very real issues faced by all foodservice providers. Without touching the outside of the NTEG glove, restaurant owners, grocers, deli owners, etc. can not only produce a timely meal, but a higher quality product that has not been contaminated because someone forgot to wash their hands and then proceeded to touch the outside of the glove.

How many patents are currently in place with No Touch Easy Gloves?

Currently, the USPTO has issued 3 patents which cover the unique design and nature of the glove, how the gloves interact with the glove caddy (dispenser), and how the gloves interact with each other. Patents [8,960,493], [9,532,674] and [9,078,647] have been issued and we will soon file for patents in Canada and throughout Europe.

What makes our gloves and dispensers unique?

Our gloves are designed specifically to hang from the patented NTEG glove caddy (“dispenser”) in a glued stack of 100. The user simply puts his/her hand into an opened first glove and pulls it away from the stack. By doing this, the next glove in the stack opens and is ready for the next hand.

How can my company test the No Touch Easy Gloves product line?

Simply email us at Sales and we will be more than happy to deliver free caddies and gloves to you for trial purposes. We stand behind our product 100% and want you to gain that same level of confidence by using the product free of charge.